Smarttwigs Portfolio

Industry Expertise

Core areas of business expertise

We offer extensive knowledge in different business areas.
Our specialists develop concepts and comprehensive solutions based on cutting-edge technology.

Healthcare Systems
Information Technology 
Marketing & Advertisement
Retail Optimization

Smarttwigs Portfolio

Our Focus and Expertise 

We are committed to our customers success.
Get a new perspective on how technology can enhance your business.


Our team has worked with some of the biggest financial institutions in the world from banks and hedge funds to crypto exchanges.



Focusing on highly regulated spaces, our team has focused on working with several companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical spaces.



As a software consultancy, we keep a pulse on all relevant major tech developments to provide our clients with the most up to date and innovative options available.



Our teams leverage data from various sources and tools to maximize and monetize your brand in a data driven way that is tailored to meet your business goals. 



We work with a number of e-commerce and online marketplaces, creating effective strategies to attract your target audiences.


Smarttwigs Portfolio

Competence Areas

Consulting services & development of technical solutions

We provide complete solutions - from conception, specification, development and integration to interdisciplinary consulting services in a high-tech, industry-wide environment.


Mobile & Cloud Applications

Our teams are focused on keeping our clients relevant to the ever evolving tech landscape

Organization Change Management

We will integrate broad communication strategies into your corporate processes

Product Development

We'll manage and oversee the development of products from conception to post-production

Data Science and A.I. Development

Our leading data scientists extract any insights and learning to improve our clients' services

System Integrations

We leverage any existing technologies available to scale your operations

Platform Optimization

We'll balance business goals with consumer needs to optimize platforms accordingly